OKB Productions is a subsidiary company of

Youth Transformation Services (YTS) 501(c)3 NFP, and home to Jump Media and Mental Health Intervention, relevant apps committed to restoring real-time relationships.

Oliver Beach is COO of OKB Productions. His vision is to change how youth interact via social media.
Originally from Chicago, IL, Oliver did not speak until age 3 and shortly after he began to talk, he stuttered profusely. School was difficult for Oliver due to the bullying he suffered for his stuttering. Never one to back down from hard work, he became an entrepreneur after being inspired by the movie, The Social Network. It was the catalyst he needed to start developing innovative social media apps.
Oliver currently lives in Joliet, IL and is the proud father of two sons, Elijah and Avery.
Charisse Beach is an author, educator, and national presenter. She co-founder of the Mental Health Intervention and Jump Media Apps. Her passion is supporting the implementation of innovative products that improve the quality of social emotional living. Charisse develops the characters and story line for Jump Anywhere in the World (JAITW) video game. 
Charisse became a subject-matter expert on transforming and educating at-risk students. She is the author of At-Risk Students Transforming Student Behavior, published by Rowman & Littlefield, which details the warning signs of disturbing behaviors, which are often overlooked by educators and/or misdiagnosed by mental health professionals. She provides strategies to identify and address them. 
Her greatest achievement is being the mother of two sons, Robert and Oliver, three grandsons, Elijah, Landon, Avery, and one grand daughter, Layla.
Elijah Beach frequently finds himself at crossroads. He feels like every choice has two vital outcomes, often creating anxiety over which one he should choose. He constantly struggles between playing video games or chatting with friends; practicing the piano or walking his over-sized puppy; making a root beer float or vegetating on YouTube; watching a horror flick or...well, you get the point! Elijah is co-creator, gaming expert and protagonist in the JAITW video game.
Through his family’s insistence that he maintains balance, Elijah practices mindfulness which helps him to stay positive even during difficult situations. He says when he has a positive outlook, he feels more mentally and physically healthy. But mental and physical health aside, Elijah still fantasizes about life far away from the comfort and safety of his.

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