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  • Prepare yourself to battle vicious, mystical wildlife while trying to master horrific hurdles and challenges. Gamers enjoy a poignant thrilling game while learning skills to help them live better and thrive. 

  • The relationship between the characters is the foundation of the game's mission, learning how to work together in order to survive, (just like in real life).


  • Rather than winning from violent, vicious conquests between the main characters, players are rewarded for demonstrating skills that promote positive lifestyle choices. Players earn rewards by: 

            *Increasing the health bar.  

            *Finding treasures to barter. 

            *Engaging in successful scavenger hunts that result in building wealth. 

            *Making accurate cause and effect predictions.  

            *Solving puzzles for survival and mental balance.

            *Allowing characters to resolve conflict peaceably and work together to overcome obstacles.