JUMP Anywhere in the World (JAITW) is a seven-series video game set in each of the seven continents, featuring a built-in video chat/messaging system, Chattabox.  JAITW engages players in a captivating, action-filled journey of adventure and survival. prepare to battle vicious, mystical wildlife while working through personal hurdles and challenges.


  • Reinforces Life and Social skills to encourage practical peaceable resolutions. 

  • Promotes Financial Literacy skills to demonstrate how to build lasting wealth.

  • Provides Mindful strategies to help youth maintain balance during troubling times. 

  • Explores Multicultural Lifestyles to broaden awareness.

  • Uses realistic teen characters who demonstrate Cause and Effect of choices made during adversities and challenges. 

  • Rewards players for making positive choices.

The Facts:

  • 11.5% of 15,000 children are starting school without the social skills they need to learn or get along with classmates. 

  • 27% of teens have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

  • 38% of college grads are $30K in debt and is unemployed or underemployed.

  • 60% of young adults have a credit score below 650.

  • 66.67% of young adults have zero invested toward retirement. 


Why a video game?

For transformation to occur, we must meet our youth where they are. They are on video games and social media. JAITW, FREE to download with in-app charges, is translated in French, Japanese and Spanish.

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