Jump Media is the home of JUMP Anywhere in the World (JAITW), a seven-series mobile video game with a social media feature that teaches youth conflict resolution along with life and social skills. 


Why Jump Media? Social media has replaced real-time relationships. More Importantly, according to psychologist Jean Twenge, “Teenagers who spend 4-5 hours a day on their smartphones increase their risk of anxiety and depression by 27%. Cyberbullying and online peer pressure have deeply affected teens on various social media platforms.

Why a video game? For transformation to occur, we must meet our youth where they are. They are on video games and social media.

JAITW uses realistic teen characters to demonstrate the cause and effect of choices made in the face of adversities and challenges. It also teaches youth Social Skills to help them learn how to resolve conflict peaceably; Financial Literacy Skills to help them understand the benefits of building lasting wealth; and Mental Wellness Strategies to help them maintain balance during unforeseen turbulence within their lives or the lives of others around them.